PRGRAFFIX- Loved By Angels Custom Labels

Hey there world. Just wanted to come by and share with you all a lil clip from a project I got done doing not too long ago.
I have an amazingly talented friend who has an incredible talent in making healing essential oils.
Recently she took this new endeavour of hers to the next level by acquiring an LLC for her business. Which in term meant having to present a more professional appeal to her products. And normally when it comes to marketing, advertising, and custom labeling, there's no one else in this world that can help you more than a Graphic Designer can.

And so, i took on this huge project for her.
I ended up designing her a custom logo, which i used the combination of two images to create. One, an image of a woman in a yoga pose, and next a set of wings; which i then took and reshaped and styled to where it would compliment the overall execution of the Logo. I then created each label according to each products list of ingredients.

Before any of these steps though, i first had to create a custom template that i could use for each product to maintain a unisen in appearance for all products.

It was one of the more challenging commissions and jobs I've had so far due to the level of professionalism I had to deliver in attention to detail.

All n all I'm personally very happy with the way these labels turned out and look forward to getting more commissions and jobs like this.