Farewell My Friend

Love at first sight,
Mirror to my soul,
You lifted me in life.

As best friends do,
you carried me 
and gave me strength,
in times of doubt.

How freedom came so easy
with you there in my life. 
Passionately we rode towards sunsets,
as we chased the sun.

And even though the love for you
I have will never leave my heart,
It breaks and shatters me deep inside,
as we spend these moments,
heading towards our last sunset.

Here I free your spirit,
Bidding you a last goodbye,
as I lead you to the heavenly fields,
to ride free forever. 

Farewell my friend.......

~Gela Ghaderi~

This is a piece I did for a friend who recently lost her horse and beloved friend "Teddy". I saw the struggle, hardship and heartache she went thru during her horses ill days straight up till the day the poor thing passed away. And it absolutely broke my heart to see her lose her best friend like that. I felt that doing this for her was appropriate. 

To anyone out there struggling with the loss of a loved pet and friend...my heart truly goes out to you. I know how pets can become more than just friends and most of the time a big part of our family. 

Copyright 2017.
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