"Guardian Angel"

Through the countless storms,
miles between heaven and earth,
and through the darkness of this world.

I will find you....

Across vast oceans afar,
between the time of your cry,
and the sound of your heart breaking...

I will seek you out....

And upon your enemy I shall rain,
a storm of fury.
For as long as you are His,
I am yours!

I will protect you!!

Here's a piece I did as "FAN ART" for artist and comedian Logan Paul. I've been following his work for quite some time and he has def. made me laugh countless times and so...one day I came across a super awesome picture of his and thought it would make a great candidate to do something awesome with for him.

I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to do a warrior in a roman arena battling lions or if i wanted to do something a bit more biblical with it.
In the end....i can't resist anything that involves wings lol. So here's the finished result.

I still feel that i could have done a bit more with this, so perhaps I'll revisit it and add a few more detailed aspects to it. But for now...I'm kinda happy with the way it looks.

Here's the video of the sped up process of this image in the making.

Photo credit to: Logan Paul FB/https://www.facebook.com/LoganPaul IG@LoganPaul And you can always visit more of my work at: WWW.PRGRAFFIX.COM FB/https://www.facebook.com/PrecisionRev... IG/@Precision_Revisions_Graffix Music By: Moogwai-Labyrinth part 1 remastered.