Masterpiece Tattoo Custom Banner

As an artist, I believe that there's a point in your life and career; the point you reach after years and hours upon waking hours of pouring your pure passion and dedication into what you love doing, may it be any form of art, trade and skill that you have chosen to take on in your life; that you start to get feedback that truly lifts you up!! It's an even more uplifting high when that feedback and compliment so to speak is coming from someone you admire and look up to as a master artist in their trade. Imagine someone so experienced and well known in their trade come to you and tell you how blown away they are at your knowledge in digital art,..or whatever your trade may be. Well, this experience happened to me recently, when I was contacted by the very talented and amazing Mike Pastore from Masterpiece Tattoo NYC. I've known Mike from going to tattoo conventions and getting to meet different artists in the East coast. In the few years that i've had the privilege of knowing Mike and getting to see his work, I've grown to become a fan and admirer of his artwork. So, having someone like him approach me and compliment my work was beyond a shred of doubt one of the most humbling moments for me in life and in my dream to pursue digital and graphic art and design as a career. After all everything i know and have learned so far has shere Godgiven talent..talent that I've strengthened and disciplined over the years through utter self motivation, self teaching, online and youtube tutorials(which is honestly in my opinion one of the most informative, educational and downright coolest things the internet has to offer these days) and most importantly the help and guidance of supportive mentors who guided me and helped extend my knowledge in my work and skillset Anyways...This piece is special to me, because it also happens to be the first piece that i decided to launch my youtube channel with AND my first blogger post with so.....without any further ado....i present to you the custom Banner I designed for Masterpiece Tattoo NYC. Here's a lil video and the finished revised picture after adjustments were made. Cheers and Thanks for reading!