Commissioned Custom Bleach Cosplay Edit

Being a graphic artist and designer; over time of having the chance to take on different projects; you tend to grow fond of doing particular projects, pieces, and commissioned jobs so to speak. For me...It's custom cosplay and artistic photo manipulation editing. It's just, such a fun task to be able to compose and put together an image that helps bring out some characters to life in a way that only imagination can.

Now personally I'm not a big Bleach fan, or a big anime fanatic in general...I certainly do love certain anime such as F.M.A or Black Butler, Final Fantasy, Ghost in the shell, Space Pirate captain harlock, and a few others....but for me, I've always been more of the Marvel and DC Comics kinda girl.....but point being...even tho my knowledge of certain anime series is very to lil, I definitely make sure i do my homework on each commission according to each project and commission. It gives me a chance to get familiar with a story's's characters' powers and so on....

Bleach I've found, is a VERY complex, and deep anime series with a massive storyline...each character has tiers of progression with multitudes of ranging powers and forms...its crazy! My client Gabriel M. turned me onto it with his very first commission for me with his character Ichigo Bankai....that was a whole year ago almost, today!

In this piece you will see him Cosplaying Ichigo along with another one of my clients, Nathan. A. Lee alias @Nightglow_Cosplay; cosplaying Shuuhei.

I personally love the background and sky piece i was able to put together for this as well as the color and toning of the image. For more of my work on Bleach cosplays, as well as cosplays from the extraordinary online multiplayer game; League of Legends; Spider-man and more.

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