"Guardian Angel"

Through the countless storms,
miles between heaven and earth,
and through the darkness of this world.

I will find you....

Across vast oceans afar,
between the time of your cry,
and the sound of your heart breaking...

I will seek you out....

And upon your enemy I shall rain,
a storm of fury.
For as long as you are His,
I am yours!

I will protect you!!

Here's a piece I did as "FAN ART" for artist and comedian Logan Paul. I've been following his work for quite some time and he has def. made me laugh countless times and so...one day I came across a super awesome picture of his and thought it would make a great candidate to do something awesome with for him.

I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to do a warrior in a roman arena battling lions or if i wanted to do something a bit more biblical with it.
In the end....i can't resist anything that involves wings lol. So here's the finished result.

I still feel that i could have done a bit more with this, so perhaps I'll revisit it and add a few more detailed aspects to it. But for now...I'm kinda happy with the way it looks.

Here's the video of the sped up process of this image in the making.

Photo credit to: Logan Paul FB/https://www.facebook.com/LoganPaul IG@LoganPaul And you can always visit more of my work at: WWW.PRGRAFFIX.COM FB/https://www.facebook.com/PrecisionRev... IG/@Precision_Revisions_Graffix Music By: Moogwai-Labyrinth part 1 remastered.

"Get Over Here"

"Get Over Here"

Modeling & Cosplay Design: @exot1cdynasty

Photography by: Mike John/FB @

Video Game Stupid

Graphics and Design: Gela Gh
IG @precision_revisions_graffix
FB @ Precision Revisions Graffix

Copyright 2017.

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I would like to introduce you guys to Exot1c Dynasty Cosplay! Check out her page she has some amazing stuff! I was actually so taken back by her awesome cosplay and performance that I felt it necessary to design her a proper Scorpion edit!

I'd also like to thank @cosplayfame for making this edit possibility by the constant flow of exposure to amazing cosplay artists and performers out there! You rock!

Thanks for looking.

Farewell My Friend

Love at first sight,
Mirror to my soul,
You lifted me in life.

As best friends do,
you carried me 
and gave me strength,
in times of doubt.

How freedom came so easy
with you there in my life. 
Passionately we rode towards sunsets,
as we chased the sun.

And even though the love for you
I have will never leave my heart,
It breaks and shatters me deep inside,
as we spend these moments,
heading towards our last sunset.

Here I free your spirit,
Bidding you a last goodbye,
as I lead you to the heavenly fields,
to ride free forever. 

Farewell my friend.......

~Gela Ghaderi~

This is a piece I did for a friend who recently lost her horse and beloved friend "Teddy". I saw the struggle, hardship and heartache she went thru during her horses ill days straight up till the day the poor thing passed away. And it absolutely broke my heart to see her lose her best friend like that. I felt that doing this for her was appropriate. 

To anyone out there struggling with the loss of a loved pet and friend...my heart truly goes out to you. I know how pets can become more than just friends and most of the time a big part of our family. 

Copyright 2017.
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In Search For a Heart

In Search Of a Heart

As the sun began to lay a rest; painting a silky golden hue across the horizon; she set the road ahead ablaze, reminding him of another day to come. The tin man stood there, tall with a burning passion inside as it roared in him with fire. He gazed at the road he had traveled, the past he would be leaving behind, as the warmth of the sun embraced his being, reminding him that tomorrow would be a sweeter day. 
In content, he watched as the sun slowly set; as he began to anticipate  another sunrise and another day, where the sun would once again warm his face, as she leads him where he could find the missing beat in life to make him whole again.

-Gela Ghaderi-

~A big thank you to all those who took part in making this project~

Thank you to Robert C. Tongue for his incredible talent and skill in Custom Costume making. He built this entire steampunk Tin Man suit all by him self single handed. Be sure to check out More work by Robert C. Tongue  on Facebook, as well as his work on Instagram

I'd also like to thank the very skilled and talented photographer, Barry Freeman who captured the essence and every detail of this beautiful build as well as captured shots and angles that truly made for phenomenal vital material for this project. 

And of course yours truly. You can always find more of by following these links to Facebook and Instagram.

Overall there was a great team behind this entire project, we all had a great time working together and I truly hope that that resonates with the executed product. 

Heres the first of our "Evil TinMan" project.

Ref. Stock Credit:
Roses/Petals:  *Rose Petals: FrozenStocks https://frozenstocks.deviantart.com
Tree:*Tree Stock Image: E Dina Stock --http://e-dina.deviantart.com
Steampunk Clock: *Steampunk Clock: Sammy Kaye 1s Stamps

All other material found thru unknown sources and artists online.

PRGRAFFIX- Loved By Angels Custom Labels

Hey there world. Just wanted to come by and share with you all a lil clip from a project I got done doing not too long ago.
I have an amazingly talented friend who has an incredible talent in making healing essential oils.
Recently she took this new endeavour of hers to the next level by acquiring an LLC for her business. Which in term meant having to present a more professional appeal to her products. And normally when it comes to marketing, advertising, and custom labeling, there's no one else in this world that can help you more than a Graphic Designer can.

And so, i took on this huge project for her.
I ended up designing her a custom logo, which i used the combination of two images to create. One, an image of a woman in a yoga pose, and next a set of wings; which i then took and reshaped and styled to where it would compliment the overall execution of the Logo. I then created each label according to each products list of ingredients.

Before any of these steps though, i first had to create a custom template that i could use for each product to maintain a unisen in appearance for all products.

It was one of the more challenging commissions and jobs I've had so far due to the level of professionalism I had to deliver in attention to detail.

All n all I'm personally very happy with the way these labels turned out and look forward to getting more commissions and jobs like this.


PRGRAFFIX -Gray as the Shatter

Hey everyone...coming at you all again with a new piece and project. This piece was something that was super fun for me to do because it not only enabled me to dabble with some new tricks when working with certain color layers but also kind of allowed me to get an insight to some seriously cool anime out there.

First though, let me introduce you to a dear client, friend and amazing cosplayer, Nathan A. Lee. In this piece he's cosplaying as Gray Fullbuster from the popular anime series "Fairytail".

Now, I have to admit, I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about the series or all the different possible forms and powers of this character, but while doing my homework and research; which is something that is a given for me with any piece and project I take on; I came across many..and i mean MANY different cosplays of this character by numerous people around the globe and I have to say that Nathan's cosplay of Gray Fullbuster; to me; was by far the best out there. You can see the attention to detail in his performance, his pose and eye contact....and his whole demeanor in general is full of energy. Which allows for great edits honestly...all the graphics in the world can't sell a picture if the focal point isn't on point! ...and yes I'm saying on point because i refuse to say "on fleek!!"...when the hell did that ever become a thing....*doesn't understand the mentality behind a lot of things in this day and age*....anyways...i hope you all enjoy the clip. Please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe for more of my speedart creations and tutorials to come.


Commissioned Custom Bleach Cosplay Edit

Being a graphic artist and designer; over time of having the chance to take on different projects; you tend to grow fond of doing particular projects, pieces, and commissioned jobs so to speak. For me...It's custom cosplay and artistic photo manipulation editing. It's just, such a fun task to be able to compose and put together an image that helps bring out some characters to life in a way that only imagination can.

Now personally I'm not a big Bleach fan, or a big anime fanatic in general...I certainly do love certain anime such as F.M.A or Black Butler, Final Fantasy, Ghost in the shell, Space Pirate captain harlock, and a few others....but for me, I've always been more of the Marvel and DC Comics kinda girl.....but point being...even tho my knowledge of certain anime series is very to lil, I definitely make sure i do my homework on each commission according to each project and commission. It gives me a chance to get familiar with a story's environment...it's characters' powers and so on....

Bleach I've found, is a VERY complex, and deep anime series with a massive storyline...each character has tiers of progression with multitudes of ranging powers and forms...its crazy! My client Gabriel M. turned me onto it with his very first commission for me with his character Ichigo Bankai....that was a whole year ago almost, today!

In this piece you will see him Cosplaying Ichigo along with another one of my clients, Nathan. A. Lee alias @Nightglow_Cosplay; cosplaying Shuuhei.

I personally love the background and sky piece i was able to put together for this as well as the color and toning of the image. For more of my work on Bleach cosplays, as well as cosplays from the extraordinary online multiplayer game; League of Legends; Spider-man and more.

If you'd like to stay updated with my work and would like to watch some of the speedart to my projects; such as this one; visit my youtube channel and subscribe!!