PRGRAFFIX -Gray as the Shatter

Hey everyone...coming at you all again with a new piece and project. This piece was something that was super fun for me to do because it not only enabled me to dabble with some new tricks when working with certain color layers but also kind of allowed me to get an insight to some seriously cool anime out there.

First though, let me introduce you to a dear client, friend and amazing cosplayer, Nathan A. Lee. In this piece he's cosplaying as Gray Fullbuster from the popular anime series "Fairytail".

Now, I have to admit, I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about the series or all the different possible forms and powers of this character, but while doing my homework and research; which is something that is a given for me with any piece and project I take on; I came across many..and i mean MANY different cosplays of this character by numerous people around the globe and I have to say that Nathan's cosplay of Gray Fullbuster; to me; was by far the best out there. You can see the attention to detail in his performance, his pose and eye contact....and his whole demeanor in general is full of energy. Which allows for great edits honestly...all the graphics in the world can't sell a picture if the focal point isn't on point! ...and yes I'm saying on point because i refuse to say "on fleek!!"...when the hell did that ever become a thing....*doesn't understand the mentality behind a lot of things in this day and age*....anyways...i hope you all enjoy the clip. Please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe for more of my speedart creations and tutorials to come.